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Patum Rice Mill and Granary Plc.
Patum Rice Mill and Granary Public Company Limited

Since 1981 Patum Rice Mill and Granary Plc. has grown from a small rice milling company to one of the largest Thai manufactures and exporters of rice and rice flour in the city. We are the only rice and rice flour miller listed in the stock exchange market of Thailand. The mill production capacity is 1,000 tons of paddies per day. The company has large silos capable of holding up to 70,000 tons of paddies and 12,000 of milled rice. The rice flour factory has the production capacity of approximately 750 tons per month. We produce rice, rice flour, and rice-by-product such as crude bran oil, extracted bran and hush ash to sell both locally and abroad. Our local rice brand “Mah Boonkrong” is the first packaged rice brand in Thailand. The brand has always been known for its high quality and still been the market leader in Thailand.

Patum Rice Mill and Granary Plc.

We have continuously brought up our standard and now can proudly stand in the international forefront evidenced by the attainment of ISO 9001:2000 and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) for manufacturing process conducted to protect customer from any health hazard. It is our pride to be the first Thai rice packaging factory qualified for HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) and GMP.

The Senior Management and every staff are committed to fulfill the needs of our customers with professionalism and integrity, minimize cost and ensure that optimal quality standards are maintained at every process stage for the ultimate customer satisfaction.

Thai Hom Mali Rice, Thai White Rice, Thai Brown Rice, Broken Rice

Product for Export :
  :: Rice :   Thai Hom Mali Rice, Thai White Rice, Thai Brown Rice, Broken Rice
  :: Mah Boonkrong Plus :   Five Color Rice - Thai Hom Mali Rice mixed with corns, carrots, taros and green peas
Multi Grain Rice - Thai Hom Mali Rice mixed with red Thai Hom Mali Rice, Sunflower Seed, Black Sesami, Pumpkin Seed and Pumpkin
Garlic and Shiitake Rice - Thai Hom Mali Rice mixed with garlic powder, garlic, carrot and Shiitake (mushroom)
  :: Rice Flour :   Non-Glutinous Rice Flour, Glutinous Rice Flour, Thai Hom Mali Rice Flour, Mixed Rice Flour
  :: Crispy Thai Hom Mali Rice Flour :   Original Flavor, Hot and Spicy Flavor, Garlic and Black Pepper Flavor and Natural Flavor
  :: Crude Bran Oil    
  :: Extracted Bram    
  :: Husk Ash    

Export Market :   Worldwide
Contact Person :   Ms. Panida Pamornjarat
Position :   Export Section Manager
Address :   88 Mu 2 Tiwanon Rd., T. Bangkadee, A. Mueng, Pathumtani 12000 Thailand
Tel :   +662-501-2021
Fax :   +662-963-7774
E-mail :
Website :,
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